Signature Keynote

Human lens on technology trends

Think differently, ignite new ideas and unlock potential to adapt in an ever-changing world.

Change is happening whether we are involved or not. And there is enormous pressure for businesses, government, and every single one of us to follow and get involved with the tsunami of technology trends seemingly about to crash on top of us. This is overwhelming.

Focusing on technology for the sake of technology builds barriers to unlocking what is possible because it misses a fundamental piece – the humans! Technology doesn’t happen by itself it’s a product of the human brain, therefore it’s time to put a human lens on technology trends to unpack what we actually need to know and how we create our own impact by getting involved in the future, today.

An engineer and data scientist with extensive global experience, Zoe takes the overwhelm out of the technology conversation. She does this by sharing stories and insights which will surprise, engage and educate your audience about what is possible through technology and data when you look through a human lens. Zoe’s insights will leave your audience with useful tools which they can instantly use to think differently, ignite new ideas and unlock their potential to adapt in an ever-changing world.

Keynote Topics

The future is fluid

The future is fluid

Change is a given, agility is essential, resilience is foundational; so just how do we shape the future when it is COMPLETELY fluid and unpredictable? Let Zoe deconstruct the simple ways you can get involved to shape the future YOU want.

Not so #smart

Not so #smart, avoiding insularity

Sometimes what appears smart is the very opposite. As the world of smart matures we risk becoming insular – and when we become less curious, innovation dies. There’s an art to opening our minds and creating really smart change, let Zoe guide you through it.

Letting go

Letting go of the job to build a career

From small town regional Australia and traditional beginnings to forging her own path in multiple directions around the world, Zoe will walk you through just how to let go of ordinary to move into the extraordinary, every day.

Technology Crossover

The Great Technology Crossover

The status quo can no longer serve us, we need a radical shift in engagement and collaboration. Beyond simply embracing technology it is the interoperability for humans and technology that is non-negotiable in creating sustainably #smart futures.

Drowning in data

Drowning in data, lacking connection

We have big data literally at our fingertips, but how do you harness this data to really make better decisions and build deeper human connection? Whilst it can feel like a tsunami loading, Zoe will help your audiences ride the wave and come out swimming.

Diversity in the code

Diversity in the code serving diversity in the world

We are embedding bias at a faster, more permanent rate than any other time in history. The solution? Accelerating the level diversity behind the code right now to design technology which will serve the greater good. Zoe will breakdown the why, what and how.

Breaking down tech barriers

Breaking down technology barriers

Blockchain, metaverse, IoT - all words you will NOT hear in this buzz word free zone where Zoe will explain complex technical topics in ways your grandma can understand. Guaranteed.

The Possible Brain

The Possible Brain

We are hard wired to default to a state of impossibility – even knowing the world of possibility we are capable of igniting. We then become stuck in thinking this is impossible, unable to move forward. Zoe’s Possible Brain theory will open up possibilities to achieving step-change in both business and life.

Not designed for you

Not designed for you

Living in a world not designed for you, bluntly just sucks. Having worked and researched globally, Zoe’s powerful keynote explores the real and present danger of the issues and effects of gender-bias in data and design – and what we must do about it. Now.

Funny Female MC

A trained stand up comedian yet also a professional engineer, Zoe will have your audience engaged, entertained and inspired.

Funny female mc